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About Us

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We're located in sunny Jacksonville, Florida with our roots in Ohio. We love traveling for shows and special events, so please contact us if you know somewhere that we should be!

Artzy Fartzy Petz began in 2010, after owner Amy Gircsis suffered a major spine injury and had surgery. At the advice of her doctor, Amy began looking for a dog companion who would encourage her to walk. Soon after, Amy rescued Roxy from Berea Animal Rescue. This adoption was a perfect match for both Amy and Roxy. Roxy found her furever home and Amy is now able to walk without any assistance and can function daily again on her own. 

Amy was so inspired by the healing power of pets that she wanted to do something for all animals. Roxy was allergic to many of the foods and treats that Amy would buy in the store, which led Amy to start creating all natural treats. The first (and still the most popular) treat was Roxy's Rockin' Peanut Butter Biscuit. 

We now offer a wide array of treats, toys, and collar accessories for all the pets in your life!